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Cambridge Cybercrime Centre: COVID briefing papers

Our COVID briefing papers are an ongoing series of short-form, open access reports aimed at academics, policymakers, and practitioners, which aim to provide an accessible summary of our ongoing research into the effects which the coronavirus pandemic (and government responses) are having on cybercrime.

# Date Author Title
1 7 July 2020 Ben Collier Digital drug markets and the pandemic: early indicators
2 14 July 2020 Anh V. Vu The Effect of the Coronavirus Pandemic on a Cybercrime Market: A Stimulation
3 21 July 2020 Richard Clayton The Impact of Lockdown on DoS-for-hire
4 28 July 2020 Ben Collier Boredom, routine activities, and cybercrime during the pandemic
5 4 August 2020 Anh V. Vu The Pandemic as Incels see it
6 11 August 2020 Richard Clayton Denial of Service Attacks during Lockdown: the role of Easter
7 18 August 2020 Ruba Abu-Salma DoS Attacks During Lockdown: Worldwide Data
8 25 August 2020 Helen Oliver Data quality failures in the COVID testing system: a personal account
9 1 September 2020 Anh V. Vu The Shift of Incel Topics During the Pandemic
10 8 September 2020 Yi Ting Chua How Far-Right Movements Make Money Online
11 15 September 2020 Ruba Abu-Salma Analyzing DoS Attacks by UDP Protocol Used
12 22 September 2020 Maria Bada The Insider Threat Pandemic
13 29 September 2020 Andy Phippen and Maria Bada COVID Lockdown and Online Harms
14 6 October 2020 Ilia Shumailov Acoustic Test and Trace: it sounded like a good idea at the time
15 13 October 2020 Richard Clayton Measuring Malware Hosting 'Whack-a-Mole'
16 20 October 2020 Helen Oliver A Case of Russian Disinformation to Exploit Fears about US Election Hacking
17 27 October 2020 Jack Hughes Bursty and Emerging Topic Detection: Tracking Terms on Underground Forums
18 3 November 2020 Yi Ting Chua Researching Far-Right Communities Online: Finding, Qualifying and Vetting Servers
19 10 November 2020 Anh V. Vu The Hate Speech and Discussion Topics of White Supremacists During the Pandemic
20 1 December 2020 Anh V. Vu How Topics on Looksmaxxing Communities Shifted Through the Pandemic
21 8 December 2020 Maria Bada Cyberattacks on Healthcare Systems During the COVID-19 Pandemic
22 24 May 2021 Yi Ting Chua In Search of Day 2 and Day 8 Tests: a personal account

NB: At the Cambridge Cybercrime Centre we make our research data available to other academics, sometimes before we have looked at it ourselves! Full details of working with our datasets is available at

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